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"Mia was exactly the person we needed in our 8-year-old son's life. She is caring and he relates to her easily. Her practices are based a lot on mindfulness and having an awareness of oneself. She gives us strategies that are easy to implement and effective for our son and the whole family."  - B.P.'s mom

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Find us in our new location:  1460 E Valley Rd, Suite #167 Basalt, CO 81621 


​​​Life certainly has its ups and downs and I am a firm believer in getting the support that best suits you.  Just like getting enough exercise, eating a balanced diet or going to the doctor when you're sick, participating in therapy is, yet another way we can take care of ourselves.  Therapy is for anyone who would like to feel better, experience more fulfillment, have more clarity and grow stronger & wiser.  I love what I do and am committed to providing you with a safe, nonjudgmental and nurturing space to discover what you are seeking.​

I believe we can all benefit from taking the time to better ourselves, yet this process is different for each client. For some individuals this might mean acknowledging past issues that are keeping you stuck.  Or maybe you'll choose to focus on skill building that will help you face a current challenge. For others it might mean putting strategies in place to reach a new personal or professional goal.  Whatever the goal, the result is achieving a more satisfying, healthier life.  For my younger clients I incorporate experiential activities to help them learn about regulating their emotions, increasing their coping skills and how to have healthy relationships with themselves and others.  I believe these skills are critical to future success and happiness.​ My work with parents focuses on enhancing the parent-child relationship through the use of positive parenting techniques and strategies that support the child's social-emotional development.